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Dentistry lights my fire! It wasn’t always that way. I’m Carol Vander Stoep, a dental hygienist, writer, educator – and advocate for a gentle revolution in dentistry consistent with current revolutionary understandings in what it means to be healthy. As an objective hygienist without a lot of skin in the game, I’ve been broadly immersed enough in the field to understand your challenges and to objectively analyze what does and doesn’t work. With an insane focus, I’ve authored two books about how oral conditions influence and reflect overall health and turned up some radical surprises even I never suspected, one of which saved my life! I invite you to explore the web of connections I’ve laid out for you.

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The cat is out of the bag. Cavities and gum disease have little to do with the mythology you’ve been taught. They are systemic diseases with systemic answers. Anything else is “putting make-up on a melanoma.” Invest some time and learn how to optimize heath through mindful practices while maintaining the health and resources we all treasure.


Each of us experiences wellness differently. We live within our own reality of how it feels to be “alive” and can’t imagine the possibility of feeling superlative – happier, more energetic, less stressed. How much sicker our children are compared to past generations. Rapidly rising rates of asthma, food allergies, ear infections, diabetes, eczema and rashes of unknown origin – the list is endless!  All of these and many more are connected to oral conditions. Learn the tricks to achieve a health you never envisioned!

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