Changing the Face of Dentistry

Selected Resources Mentioned in Mouth Matters (Updated, Spring 2012)

Page 24
Treatment of Oral Spirochetes with a CO2 Laser

Page 120
FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program

Page 146
Human Papillomavirus Vaccination – Reasons for cautionNEJM

Page 178
National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists

Page 184
The Math Behind the Beauty 
Marquardt Beauty Analysis

Page 188
Soft Tissue Dysfunction

Page 196
60 Minutes (Australia) Segment on Negative Consequences of Extraction Orthodontics
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Page 302
Mercury in Dental Fillings Disclosure and Prohibition Act (HR 2101)

Page 306
How Mercury Causes Neurodegeneration (Brain Damage)

Page 324
The Campaign Against Sulfuryl Fluoride

Page 328
Selected Water Fluoridation videos

Page 329
Fluoride & Human Health: An Interview with Kathleen Thiessen

Page 416
National Osteoporosis Foundation
American Society for Bone and Mineral Research

Page 421
What the American Dental Association doesn’t want you to know about sealants

Page 427
The Mercury Connection & Seizures
CDRH Advisory Meeting Materials Archive
Consumers For Dental Choice
FDA’s Mercury Ruling Defies ALL Scientific Reasoning

Page 434
Fluoride Discussion with Dr. Mercola & Dr. Osmunson
Water Fluoridation May Be Harmful to Your Health
ADA, Fluoride & Liability
Case Against Fluoridation
Keepers of the Well
Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Fluoride Action Network
The Fluoride Deception (Interview with Christopher Bryson)

Page 435
“Perfluorochemicals emitted from non-stick cook pans”

Page 437
ADA X-ray Recommendations

Page 438
Ozone for Dentistry (ACIMD Courses)
Oxygen Healing Therapies

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