Welcome attendees of the Healthy Mouth Media 2019 Summit.

Available now is my new eight-part video series Functional Medicine From a Dental Perspective. This educational series provides insight into astonishingly simple, yet inexpensive solutions for vibrant health most people haven’t considered. You deserve to know about breakthroughs that could significantly improve your physical and financial health while leading to far less time in your physician’s or dentist’s offices.

You don’t have to wait to view Video Eight! Your free gift for purchasing the Healthy Mouth Media Summit (2019) is free access to my video Avoiding the $6100.00 Death Spiral, a further exploration of some of the minimally invasive dental concepts I introduced in my two Summit interviews.

Less Drilling Feels Great! The revolution is here. This video describes novel dentistry that minimizes a need for use of the dental drill as well as the accompanying need for shots. It also explains how seeking out this kind of dentistry will save your teeth, enhance your health and seriously contain dental costs. What more could anyone want? But you have to ask for it. This video is an introduction to Minimally Inavsive Preventive Dentistry, Biomimetic Dentistry and Ozone Therapy. Enjoy!

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