Changing the Face of Dentistry

Facial Meltdown – Birth to Death – and How It Affects Your Overall Health

New! Discover more critical details about airway development and its extensive negative downstream health consequences in my two books: Mouth Matters: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body (2014) and Primal Dentistry: Less is MORE (2018) and on my new...

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Self-Testing for Inflammation

There are many reasons why a person would want to test himself for inflammatory markers in the privacy of his own home using FDA-approved Certified Clinical Laboratory tests. A wish to actively manage one’s own health care, a lack of insurance and/or financial...

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Beer Without the BuZZ

Why Are We a Nation of the Obese & Unwell? Everyone  despairs  about  spiraling obesity, heart disease, and diabetes rates in America. We point to sloth, gluttony,  and  an  inability  to  follow nutrition advice. But before we judge too harshly, let us take a...

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A.I.D.E.: Glutathione & Inflammation

Quench Inflammatory Fires Glutathione levels are deficient in all serious illnesses. Glutathione (GSH) is so protective of our well-being that every human cell can synthesize it from three amino acids (L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid and glycine). GSH’s most important...

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Root Canal Roulette

Challenges of Successful Therapy Killing  virulent  germs  in  inaccessible places  is  a  cornerstone  of  successful dentistry.  Convoluted  nerve  (pulp)  canals  and  microscopic  tubules  have made that task impossible until the advent of ozone gas – still rarely...

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