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Three Obscure Dental Reasons Why Water Fluoridation Is A Bad Idea

I’ve written extensively elsewhere about fluoride’s toxic effects on the whole body, but here I'll clearly lay out three reasons that adding industrial waste-derived fluoride is a blunderbuss idea whose time has past if looking more deeply at the wonderful subtleties...

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Decompressing the Jaw Joint

My blog, Facial Meltdown – Birth To Death – and How It Affect Your Overall Health, discusses an overwhelming number of poor downstream health consequences from incorrect oral posture, those being: A “couch potato” tongue hanging out on the floor of the mouth...

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Taking Out the Garbage

Marrying disparate fields of medicine is a functional medicine goal. You know omitting oral conditions in integrative medicine is a mistake of colossal proportions or you wouldn’t be seeking answers here. What if I told you there are at least two pairs of biological...

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Choices You Didn’t Know You Had!

Silent oral diseases influence and reflect the course of silent general diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and osteoporosis [1]. Toxic dental materials and common, centuries-old techniques add to general health mayhem as does incorrect oral posture...

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Facial Meltdown – Birth to Death – and How It Affects Your Overall Health

New! Discover more critical details about airway development and its extensive negative downstream health consequences in my two books: Mouth Matters: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body (2014) and Primal Dentistry: Less is MORE (2018) and on my new...

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Fragmented Sleep and Brain Death

Plummeting testosterone? Can’t remember things you should? Depressed, anxious, overweight, pre-diabetic or diabetic? If you suffer from apnea or sleep disordered breathing, your brain may be partially to blame. Obstructive apnea means your tongue periodically blocks...

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Meltdown Facial! Se um formulário na Natureza não é bonito, algo está errado | Matters Boca

Publicado por heriton em DESORDEM ≈ Deixe um comentário Meltdown Facial! Se um formulário na Natureza não é bonito, algo está errado por Carol Vander Stoep em 08 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2013 em FUNÇÃO DO CÉREBRO , DENTES AGLOMERAÇÃO / ORTODONTIA ,ODONTOLOGIA / SAÚDE BUCAL ,...

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Aluminum in Fillings and Crowns

In response to: "One year ago I let a dentist put 4 dental ceramic veneers. I'm starting to worry about it since I read some articles on this site. Ceramic is made from aluminum which is toxic. Also he used a composite to stick the veneers to my teeth. Should I let...

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