Changing the Face of Dentistry

Choices You Didn’t Know You Had!

Silent oral diseases influence and reflect the course of silent general diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and osteoporosis [1]. Toxic dental materials and common, centuries-old techniques add to general health mayhem as does incorrect oral posture...

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Fragmented Sleep and Brain Death

Plummeting testosterone? Can’t remember things you should? Depressed, anxious, overweight, pre-diabetic or diabetic? If you suffer from apnea or sleep disordered breathing, your brain may be partially to blame. Obstructive apnea means your tongue periodically blocks...

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Meltdown Facial! Se um formulário na Natureza não é bonito, algo está errado | Matters Boca

Publicado por heriton em DESORDEM ≈ Deixe um comentário Meltdown Facial! Se um formulário na Natureza não é bonito, algo está errado por Carol Vander Stoep em 08 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2013 em FUNÇÃO DO CÉREBRO , DENTES AGLOMERAÇÃO / ORTODONTIA ,ODONTOLOGIA / SAÚDE BUCAL ,...

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Aluminum in Fillings and Crowns

In response to: "One year ago I let a dentist put 4 dental ceramic veneers. I'm starting to worry about it since I read some articles on this site. Ceramic is made from aluminum which is toxic. Also he used a composite to stick the veneers to my teeth. Should I let...

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Facial Meltdown – Birth to Death – and How It Affects Your Overall Health

  Download a pdf version: Facial Meltdown. Adapted from Chapter 12 Asked why he would not appoint a person who sought a particular job, Lincoln said, “I don‘t like his face.“ “But Mr. President, he can‘t help that.“ Replied Lincoln, “Every man after age 40 is...

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Self-Testing for Inflammation

There are many reasons why a person would want to test himself for inflammatory markers in the privacy of his own home using FDA-approved Certified Clinical Laboratory tests. A wish to actively manage one’s own health care, a lack of insurance and/or financial...

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Beer Without the BuZZ

Why Are We a Nation of the Obese & Unwell? Everyone  despairs  about  spiraling obesity, heart disease, and diabetes rates in America. We point to sloth, gluttony,  and  an  inability  to  follow nutrition advice. But before we judge too harshly, let us take a fresh...

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